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Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 16:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Friendship’s Value Revisited:Attempts by Eddie 2make Julie laugh

Friends who are true
Will stick to you like a Uhu glue
They don’t slip away like an eel
When you grab them as you squeal…
Where is my soul mate ?
Why is he so late ?
Cos life is worth the living
When you keeps on believing
That friendships are friends and ships
That help you to equip
For Life long journey
Which is not all sweet and honey
But friendship is worth it all
Especially when you fall
Only to get up again
Don’t you not refrain ?
But think on what has happened
And what do you reckoned ?
Was it painfully sweet and spicy ?
Or was it a bit dicey ?
What ?!! you are not that choosey !!
Cos it makes you happy
Cos friendship is spice
Giving meaning to Life
Cos friendship is priceless
Its nature selfless
But then again… what if…
Then the grief…
Is it really worth it ?
Or you doubt it ?
Will your heart be broken
And you cry an ocean
For that one person
Without rhyme or reason
But it’s true my friend
From now till the end
The answer is the same, again
The answer is the same, again
Go and give yourself away
Go love selflessly today
You will find love come back your way
For friendships are more than just Life's flavorful spice
Every act of love you give will come back to bless you twice!

Tuesday, 18-Apr-2006 11:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Larian Mesra & Pelancaran Rakan Cop Peringkat Nasional

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad...
Jimmy Topi - Pacesetters Kuantan
the W.I.N.N.E.R.S
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Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad

hola !!! i'm back ! this time with a few pics taken during the event mentioned above. i was there at Dataran Merdeka on Sunday , 16th April '06 , with other Kuantan area Pacesetters members. the historical and national pride >> Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad << was a sight to behold .. but my photo of it is not so clear , hand moving . but u can see for yourself that it is really beautiful !!!!!! I

well there were 5 of us , as u can see from the 3rd foto ; Jimmy Topi , Cikgu Lee , me , Ah Fook and Moto Chai. 4 o fthem (me aside) are very good runners >> Jimmy Topi got 4th in his category , Cikgu Lee >> 1st !!!!!! , Moto Chai got 5th .. each walked away with cash >> RM3000, RM1500 and RM1000 respectively . Ah Fook got 20 ++ place (can't exactly remember his position). And as for me >> 14th place !! ada a bit of improvement (time/position wise)...

tried to cari the Gerak Khas actors..no luck !!! whateva it is,, the after-race was quite fun..saw d PM, PDRM pancaragam performing , apa lagik...oh yes..pertunjukan payung terjun , and much more... tapi food wise , biasa je...to me , yg penting after lari ni is F.O.O.D.. reload the carb lah.hahahahha....kay lah , i malas to write banyak-banyak.. just tengok the fotos la !!!!

Thursday, 13-Apr-2006 10:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gerak Khas

salamz and a good day to all !! Pacesetters members how are you ??? i'm sure all of you have taken a look at the pictures taken during the long boat race in kuantan . anyway , to you , yes...you there ....here is an exclusive photo taken by the the Gerak Khas director himself..(upon request lah...).you can't see him as he is behind the camera.i consider myself very lucky to meet this macho team at IPPKL . yes , lucky !! they were there to rehearse for the Pelancaran Rakan Cop (National Level) which will be held this Sunday (16/4) , launched by our beloved PM !! oh by the way , the annual Larian Mesra Rakan Cop will be held on the same day !!!

Monday, 10-Apr-2006 02:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FMI- Pertandingan Perahu Panjang , Esplanade @ Benteng, Kuantan

our boat..(MCA team)
docking area... huhu,,,
muddy ...yucky...
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last weekend i took part in the perahu panjang race (traditional long boat race) organized by the FMI.. me and other PACESETTERS lady members took part in the womens team alongside other government/private teams.. our Pacesetters members include Miss Soh, Crystal , Elizabeth, Haw Hui Ling, Pau Chen (sorry not sure of d spelling..) , myself and 6 others. We were informed about the race 3 days before the 1st heats !!!! ayya... !!! our Bay Route set run had to be cancelled coz training started on Thursay.. sempat la 3 kali training.

1st day : our 1st time on a long boat , no experience , no training or whatsoever coaching before this. No coach or trainer on the boat with us , all ladies , except for Abe Din.. and yes , our boat capsized. Waktu petang kat Sg. Kuantan nieh , air pasang , the waves were strong , super added by the passing big fishing boats. ..humm..then came another big wave and we all panicked , started moving here and there.boat continued shaking .. next moment we were all in the water !! a few members can't swim , that added the problem , more panic. but luckily we manage to cool down a bit (thanks to Abe Din) plus other members who helped each other to keep calm until a small inflatable boat came to the rescue. moral of the 1st day training , LEARN NOT TO PANIC

2nd day : this time our training session was much shorter , more focusing on the kemudi (anchor) . we manage to keep our cool... .. no accident today . thank God ! tak berpeluh pon like the 1st day !

3rd day : Our third and final training.. this time all out , we were supplied with gloves this time..(as some of us had cuts on our fingers >>> semangat mendayung punya pasal..) Ah Be was our coach . His coaching was good and we managed to improve on our paddling skills , the synchornization of each member , bla bla bla... Elizabeth and I were paired up in the 1st row.. Coach with his whistle , blowing and making our eardrums want to pecah !!! ayya... balik nak tidur pon my ears still ringing !! anyway , we had a hell of a last day (and last minute) training. tomorrow have to come at 8am for registeration !


SATURDAY - 1st day heats

that morning the women's team were all excited !!! we were hoping to make it for the finals !!! as the total woman's team were 13 , the 1st heats comprised of 6 teams , 2nd heats 7 teams. we were informed that we were in the 1st heats , and to be in the finals , we have to finish as the top 4 groups !! meaning got to beat 2 other teams. The Pacesetters members were all in high spirit and were confident that WE CAN make it to the finals ! unfortunately , luck weren't on our side that morning. we were the last team to get on the boat , tugged by the Bomba boat to the start line. We were getting ready and trying to align our boat (with the other boats) when the air horn was blown. chaos. we were not ready tapi dah start off..ayya... crystal did her thing >> pukul gendang .. im not sure if the rest of the team's paddling were synchronized or not coz i was at the front..humm... and then the ring for the kemudi's big paddle gave us some problem.. we ended up rowing in circles !! ada la 3, 4 kali tawaf... so , we didn't made it to the finals ! the Bomba bot came to tug us (again) ..Crystal non stop complain this and that . i couldn't talk much coz i lost my voice the on the 2nd day of training !! apa-apa pun , its the racing spirit that matters. we tried our best didn't we ladies ?!!!!

to MCA,Pacesetters and all involved in making our participation a helluva experience , thank you so much !!!! to MCA , thanks for the support , and yes , the tasty free lunch !!!!! yam , yam... to the men's MCA team , congrats for making it to the semis !!!! We'll pray for better luck next year okay !!!! to Ah Be , Cikgu and Abe Din , thanks for helping with the women's team !

I've taken some photos throughout the training and racing days , but didn't upload all of them here at my fotopage.i'll burn then on a cd , and will make a copy for any of you who wish to have one. Have a nice day you all !!!!

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Baby Eating In China : Gilaness Return and Amplified

do you see what i see ??
look ...
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When reports of Chinese citizens eating human fetuses for health reasons surfaced in Hong Kong
last year, many dismissed them as fiction . . , but when Eastweek and Eastern Express, two English-
language publications based in Hong Kong,investigated, the reporters were in for a shock
For more info , please visit the url below...


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